Knowledge Are you planning on building a website and feeling overwhelmed by the choices of CMS and custom development options? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

First we have to comprehend the difference between CMS based websites and Custom Technologies website approach.

There are various CMS but the commonly used CMS


This was initially launched for the Blogging websites but also ideal for content based company informative websites with the contact form without any intricate functionality. As this is the most commonly used CMS so we are getting updated very frequently and now also used for eCommerce websites and other big portals.


This is the most appropriate for eCommerce website with comprehensive requirement for the eCommerce solution but still there are some constraints that entail complex customization in designs, fully customized dashboard, Complex Functionality customizations because shopify also utilizes the prebuilt plugins for adding functionality and if you want to customize the functionality then you have to modify the plugin or need to create plugins for your project and that will be more expensive than custom website and still lack the satisfaction.


This is also for basic informative websites but analogous to wordpress this CMS also provides a solution for eCommerce websites but there are numerous limitations for customizations. Because the list of plugins is also very short. This is most suitable for a basic informative website with contact form or you can say best for landing page.

Similar to the CMS there are few commonly used Backend languages for custom websites. The selection of backend technology also depends on the objective and complexity of your Project.

Common Backend Languages


A list of commonly used PHP frameworks are Laravel, Codeigniter, and Cake. PHP developers also use core PHP as a backend technology.

PHP is the open source and most prevalent backend technology till date because this will offer you all the required customizations in terms of customized backend reports, Customized application API development and integration but like the other technology there are also some restrictions or you can say boundaries. Like; Real time Chat integration, external SDK’s if you want a real time chat analogous to whatsapp chatting then socket chat is the best and that is more compatible in Node, Not saying that soket integration is not feasible in PHP but most optimal is node for soket.

Node JS

This is most fitting for Portals where you can integrate chat, you can design the custom and complex functionality, integrate SDK’s but at same time that is more time and cost consuming because this technology gives complete solution and developers charge more for Node technology.


There are Four main factors that you have to consider before choosing the most advantageous approach for your website development.

  1. Mobile Application Plans
  2. External API’s and SDK integrations.
  3. Chat Functionalities
  4. Manageability

If you need a basic informative website or blogging website then the most optimal for you is WordPress because there are a lot of developers available in the market so it’s easy to manage and secondly this is the most used CMS so lot’s of pre designed plugins and themes are available.

If you need an ecommerce website and mobile application to start your online shop then the most appropriate for you is Shopify because this will give you a good start with their existing templates and plugins. If you have a proficient developer then he can provide the API also for the application development.

If you are looking for an advanced and customized portal or eCommerce with commonly used SDK’s without the real time chat functionality, any non common SDK then the PHP is most suitable for you but the framework totally depends on your requirement This is cost effective and easy to manage.

If you need very advanced solution with any kind of integrations then you can go with NodeJs that is more flexible for any kind of customization but if you don’t have lot of complex integrations or Chat then it’s not required to choose NodeJS because this is costly and not required for your requirements.

Teaming up with a skilled consultant

Unlock the full potential of your project by teaming up with a skilled consultant who truly understands your needs. With their expertise, they will craft a personalized roadmap that perfectly aligns with your vision and ensures your project’s success.

If you’re eager to make the right technology choice and develop your software flawlessly, we’re here to lend a helping hand! Our expertise and guidance will ensure that you’re equipped with the best technology and receive top-notch software development services. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

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