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About Project

Tile Showroom ERP Systems is a system that was built for a tile showroom, which includes an iPad application for the sales team and web-based panels for other teams like the installation and measurement team, cutting team, and stock management team. The client came to the Techweiler Software with a problem he faced while maintaining physical forms for the clients who visited his showroom. The client was dealing in complete tile solutions that include tile selling, cutting, installation, etc. Clients visited his showroom sometime 3-4 months before their actual need of the product, and sales agents faced various issues due to physical forms.


The main challenges the client faced were finding the physical form from the bundle when the client asked for the same tile designs, understanding the handwriting of the sales agent when the same sales agent was not available, missing follow ups because of physical forms, losing sales due to non-availability of the same tile, and the sales agent’s need to check the stock yard every time.


Tile Showroom ERP Systems successfully addressed the challenges faced by the tile showroom client by providing a comprehensive solution for managing the tile sales and installation process. The implementation of an iPad application for sales agents and web-based panels for other teams such as measurement, cutting, stock management, and accounts team greatly streamlined the entire process, reducing errors and improving efficiency. The system allowed the sales team to manage orders, catalog tiles, and check real-time stock information, while the measurement team could track assigned jobs and submit measurements for cutting. The cutting team could manage cutting and stock status, while the installation team could receive jobs and share installation reports with the accounts team for invoicing. Overall, the system has enhanced the customer experience and improved the business operations of the tile showroom, resulting in better sales and customer satisfaction.

iPad Application for Sales Agents

We provided an iPad application that allowed sales agents to fill in digital forms in the application itself. The sales agent had a complete catalog of the tiles so he could show all stock to the client on his desk only without needing to visit the store. The sales agent also had real-time stock information, so before showing any tile design, he would first ask how much tentative volume the client wanted to order, and based on the availability, he would get the tile listing of available tiles only. Once the client selected the tile, he would mark it as selected. If the client ordered at the same time, the sales agent would jump to the next step mentioned below. If the client didn’t want to order at that time, the sales agent would add the reminder in the application itself, and based on the next reminder date, the sales agent would get notified to call the client for the followup.

Web-based Panel for Measurement Team

After getting the order, the sales agent would send it to the measurement team to visit the client’s place and get the measurement for the cutting. Under this web panel, the measurement team could check the assigned jobs and visit the client’s place with the required information. Once they visited and measured the area, they would lock the final order and send the order to the next step, which would be cutting the tiles.

Web-based Panel For Cutting Team

Under this web panel, the cutting team would get the measurement based on tile code and start cutting according to the measurement submitted by the measurement team. Once they completed their cutting, they must pass the information to the installation team that the tiles were ready for the installation. In any case where the tiles were not in stock, the cutting team had the option to share the stock status with the stock management team, and they could place the order with the manufacturer.

Web-based Panel For Installation Team

Under this panel, the installation team would get the job on their panel and visit the client’s place for installation. Once they successfully installed the tiles, they would share the report with the accounts team about the total measurement, adhesive used for the installation, and any other required information that was important for the invoicing.

Web-based Panel For Accounts Team

Under this panel, the accounts team would get the complete distribution like total tiles used, total adhesive used, total labor used, and other information. Based on the above information, the system would generate the invoice, and once it was verified by the accounts team, they would send the same to the client’s email in just one click with the payment link.

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